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Salt Water Systems for Swimming Pools

salt water systems monroe gaSalt water systems in Monroe can be a great alternative to chlorine systems, although ultimately, both systems have different strengths and weaknesses. If you're considering whether or not a salt system would be right for your pool, our professional pool services team can help you make the decision. We can provide you with a salt system conversion, and we offer maintenance and repair services for any existing salt systems.

At A Perfect Pool Company, it's our goal to help you keep your pool in excellent condition at all times. No matter how large or small the services you need are, you can always rely on us for high quality workmanship, and we'll always use only the best products and materials. All of our pool maintenance professionals are extensively trained and experienced, and all of the work that we perform comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

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What Is a Salt System?

The most important thing to remember about salt systems is that they are not chlorine free, nor are they chemical free.

A salt water pool system actually creates chlorine through the process of electrolysis, so while you're not adding chlorine directly to your pool, chlorine will still be a major part of what keeps your pool clean and healthy. However, the chlorine produced by a salt water pool is not as harsh as the chlorine that's added directly to pools.

Benefits of Salt Water Pools

  • Salt water is gentler on the eyes and skin. Chlorine levels are generally lower in salt water pools, and the chlorine is less harsh.
  • Salt water is safer than chlorine. In tablets or liquid form, chlorine may be dangerous to store or to transport. Studies have shown that chlorinated water may pose long-term health risks, and that may not apply to salt water systems.
  • Salt water has a soft water feel. Soft water feels much smoother and silkier to the touch than hard water. Chlorinated water can have a more abrasive feeling, while salt water often feels softer.
  • Salt water requires less maintenance. When you have a salt water system your pool maintenance tasks are a little more hands-off. The salt will naturally produce necessary chlorine. It's still important, however, to monitor chlorine levels periodically.

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