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Offering a Variety of Professional Pool Services

When it comes to pool services in Monroe, GA and the surrounding areas, people know they can count on our team here at A Perfect Pool Company. We are the home of the fixed rate pool maintenance programs, and we offer weekly and bi-weekly maintenance programs for ​residential at very reasonable pricing. We can customize your plan just for your needs, too.

Relax. Let us do the work. Call A Perfect Pool Company today to sign up for our pool maintenance services.

Leak Detection

Leak Detection monroe gaYour pool will naturally gain and lose some water from evaporation, splashing, and rainfall, but if it's routinely losing more than 1-2 inches of water every week, there's a good chance that it has a leak. If you do have a leak in your pool, then it's very important to have it repaired as soon as possible. The professional Monroe pool maintenance experts at A Perfect Pool Company can help you locate and repair any leaks that your swimming pool may develop.

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Pool Inspections

Pool Inspections monroe gaAt A Perfect Pool company, our professional Monroe pool maintenance experts will be able to guarantee high quality, thorough, and accurate pool inspections. We'll find and eliminate any problems that your pool may have, and we'll do whatever it takes to ensure that your pool is in great shape.

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Motors, Pumps, Filters

Motors, Pumps, Filters monroe gaOur company offers a great selection of pool filters, motors and pumps of all kinds from top rated brands. We specialize in Hayward Pumps, but offer a variety of other products that are sure to meet your needs and budget.

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Pool Timers

Pool Timers monroe gaWe can help you keep your pool comfortable and accessible throughout the year, and pool timers can automatically turn these heating units off and on so that your pool is always the perfect temperature. We offer a wide variety of digital and mechanical timer controls for pool pumps, booster pumps, and heaters, and we can work with you to choose the perfect timer for your pool.

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Filter Cleaning

Filter Cleaning monroe gaCleaning your pool's filter is a major part of pool maintenance. If your filters are dirty or clogged, ripped or cracked, then your pol system won't be able to run efficiently, no matter how well the chemicals are adjusted or how great your pool's circulation is. The filters are an extremely important part of your pool's system, so it's vital that you keep them clean at all times.

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Acid Washing

Acid Washing monroe gaWhether it's due algae growth, poor winterizing, stagnant water, or a lack of maintenance, it's not uncommon for some staining to occur at the bottom of a pool. At A Perfect Pool Company, our Monroe pool maintenance experts offer acid washing drain-and-clean services to thoroughly remove any pool staining. Acid washing is extremely effective, and it can leave your pool as attractive and healthy as possible.

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Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning monroe gaNot long ago, cleaning pool tiles required the use of harsh chemicals, grinding wheels, and pumice stone to remove calcium, stains, and discolorations. These methods unfortunately have the potential to burn, scratch, and/or permanently damage pool tile finishes. Thankfully, at A Perfect Pool Company, our professional Monroe pool experts can provide high quality, thorough, and totally safe pool tile cleaning services.

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Vinyl Liners

Vinyl Liners monroe gaVinyl liners are less expensive than gunite, easier to install, and they can be custom designed to fit any pool perfectly. Vinyl liners can be great for any kind of pool, and our professionals can provide you with high quality installations, replacements, or repairs for your pool's vinyl liner. Whether you're looking to add a vinyl liner to your pool or you need repairs and maintenance services for your an existing vinyl liner, you can depend on A Perfect Pool Company for great service.

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Chlorinators monroe gaOur pool chlorinators can automatically add chlorine to your pool and ensure that your pool's chemicals are always properly balanced. Choose from chlorinators that are simple pool chlorine floats or in-line chlorine dispensers and chemical metering pumps.

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Salt Systems

Salt Systems monroe gaSalt water systems can be a great alternative to chlorine systems, although ultimately, both systems have different strengths and weaknesses. If you're considering whether or not a salt system would be right be right for your pool, our professional Monroe pool experts can help you make the decision. We can provide you with a salt system conversion, and we offer maintenance and repair services for any existing salt systems.

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Mineral Systems

Mineral Systems monroe gaIf you're unsure of whether mineral systems would be right for your pool, the professional Monroe pool experts at A Perfect Pool Company can help you decide. We'll work with you to determine whether the benefits of a mineral system would be advantageous for your property and your family, and we can provide you with a mineral system conversion. We can also provide any maintenance services you may need for your mineral system.

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