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pool maintenance Loganville ga Enjoying the cool waters of your swimming pool on a particularly hot day is surely a great delight. However, if not taken care of properly, your pool can become a major headache. It should be noted that pools, whether they are the in-ground type, need serious maintenance work and regular repairs.

By having a pool, you become responsible for keeping and maintaining its cleanliness. Likewise, you must also make sure that it is safe to use. Swimming pool maintenance does require water chemical balancing, cleaning, and repair. Just make sure that the maintaining process is done right. With regular pool maintenance which is properly done, it will be safe and healthy to use all year round.

You can have all the help you need with professional pool services in Loganville from A Perfect Pool Company. Our team can help you clean, repair, and maintain your residential swimming pool. We tailor our services to your schedule and the needs of your particular swimming pool. Call today with any questions or to discuss your needs.

Regular Pool Maintenance Services

The balance of chemicals that should be present in the water should be regularly maintained. Too much chlorine or alkaline can be detrimental to a swimmer's health and bad for the pool equipment. It is a must that the right amount of chemicals should be added to the water to keep it chemically balanced.

Pool maintenance also means that the waters are clear of unwanted objects that might possibly cause contamination or injury to the swimmers. The water should be clear and not cloudy in appearance. Filtering of the water must be done on a regular basis. This will help the chemicals to move about, keeping the water healthy and safe.

If it is not possible for you to do your own pool maintenance, you might want to hire a qualified pool maintenance service in Loganville. Pool cleaners can be expensive, albeit they generally do the cleaning task well by ensuring clean, clear water and the balance of chemicals. With the able help of a competent technician, you are assured of a well-maintained swimming pool throughout the year. Here are a few of the pool maintenance services we can help you with at A Perfect Pool Company.

  • Chemical balance
  • Acid washing
  • Tile cleaning
  • Filter cleaning
  • Skimming
  • Vacuuming
  • Pool inspections
  • Pool maintenance

Pool Repair Services

Swimming pool repairs are very common these days, especially after the season ends. Most people try to get some essential tasks taken care of such as vinyl liner replacement or motor repairs. This is also a good time to repair structural cracks and other problems.

It is essential to get the recommended repairs in order to enjoy a better swimming experience. Whether it's repairing cracks in the pool walls or gaps in the lining, the end result is a safe and enjoyable place to swim.

Concrete pools can develop cracks due to any number of reasons. Minor cracks can be repaired at any time of year. Vinyl pool liners can be mended or replaced when needed. Fiberglass pools often react to minerals or chemicals which wear away the material and discolor it. An acid wash can help in some cases, but major defects can mean replacing the liner.

Not only are the structural aspects important, but so is the function of the mechanical pumps and other equipment. Sometimes repairs are necessary or you need to make changes in the pool filtration system or pumping system.

Our team at A Perfect Pool Company has the experience to handle these problems. In fact, we have been offering pool repair service in Loganville and other areas since 1987. Our service delivers high-quality workmanship and materials.

  • Leak detection
  • Motors, pumps, filters
  • Timers
  • Chlorinators
  • Salt systems
  • Mineral systems

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