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chlorinators monroe gaPool maintenance is difficult and it's never-ending, so if you can reduce the number of tasks that you have to perform to keep your pool in great shape, you should take the opportunity. Our pool chlorinators can automatically add chlorine to your pool and ensure that your pool's chemicals are always properly balanced. Choose from chlorinators in Monroe that are simple pool chlorine floats or in-line chlorine dispensers and chemical metering pumps.

At A Perfect Pool Company, our professional pool maintenance experts are dedicated to providing the highest quality pool services to every one of our clients. We'll be able to help you choose the perfect chlorinator for your pool, and we'll make sure that it's totally functional at all times.

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Floating Chlorinators

Floating chlorinators are the simplest version. They're small plastic vessels that hold about 3 pounds of chlorine tables. To use a floating chlorinator, simply fill it with chlorine tablets, screw on the cap, and throw it in the pool. As water passes through the chlorinator, it will slowly dissolve the tablets as the dispenser floats around distributing chlorine. The downside to floating chlorinators is that they won't allow you control over the amount of chlorine they dispense.

Tablet Chlorinators

Automatic tablet chlorinators or chemical feeders are small plastic canisters that attach to the pool's plumbing. There are two types of tablet chlorinators: inline and offline.

  • Inline chlorinators are permanently attached to the plumbing via PVC pipe.  As water passes through the chlorinator, it dissolves some of the tablets and sends chlorinated water to the pool.  This type is installed usually during new pool construction or during a plumbing renovation on an existing pool when cutting PVC is no big deal.
  • Offline chlorinators have a less disruptive installation process. A couple of small holes are drilled in the PVC plumbing, then the tubing is run from the canister to the holes to create a connection.

Both inline and offline feeders offer a manual control knob to dial up or down the amount of chlorine being dispensed. 

Automated Chlorination

"Sense and dispense" chlorinators automatically release chlorine depending the pH levels in the pool. This high-tech option is available for residential models.

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