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7 Ways To Save Money On Pool Maintenance

7 Ways To Save Money On Pool MaintenanceIf you want a high-quality upgrade to your Monroe pool, then the costs of pool renovations are worth it. But when it comes to regular pool maintenance, there are several ways of reducing the amount of money you spend on your pool. You can save money in the long run by taking these preventative measures:

Regular Maintenance

Neglecting to take care of your pool has consequences on the amount of money you'll have to spend on it in the future. If your pool isn't properly maintained on a regular basis, then it'll cost more to remedy the issues it has developed over time, like algae growth and structural damage. Investing in routine bi-weekly and weekly maintenance from a pool company you can depend on will help with your expenses down the road.

Use A Pool Cover

Using a pool cover keeps your pool warm and slows down naturally occurring evaporation. This reduces the workload on your pool's heater, saving you some money when it comes to energy costs.

Turn Off Water Features When Not In Use

Features like waterfalls, bubblers, and deck jets enhance the ambiance and appearance of your pool. If you want to lower your energy bill, however, consider turning these off when you're not actively using your pool.

Choose LED Lights

LED lighting provides better illumination than incandescent lights and helps to cut your energy operating costs. LED lights also last significantly longer than incandescent, so you'll save money on maintenance over time.

Consider Pool Automation

Pool automation & programming allow you to easily run your pool features when electricity rates are at their lowest. Some control systems can also automatically adjust your pool's filtration and purification systems for optimal efficiency and energy savings.

Only Run Your Filter When Necessary

You don't have to run your pool filter for 24 hours a day. Look up non-peak hours for the electricity in your area, and run your filter during that window of time to save some money.

Use An Energy Efficient Pump

Consider installing a variable speed pump for your pool instead of sticking with a conventional pool pump that only runs at one speed. A variable-speed pump is programmed to run at speeds appropriate to the water pressure, leading to energy savings and maximum efficiency.

Save yourself from unnecessary pool expenses by following these money-saving tips. If you need further help and professional pool services in Monroe, contact us today at A Perfect Pool Company.

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