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Acid Washing for Swimming Pools

acid washing monroe gaWhether it's due algae growth, poor winterizing, stagnant water, or a lack of maintenance, it's not uncommon for some staining to occur at the bottom of a pool. At A Perfect Pool Company, our pool maintenance experts offer acid washing drain-and-clean services to thoroughly remove any pool staining. Acid washing in Monroe, GA and the surrounding areas is extremely effective, and it can leave your pool as attractive and healthy as possible.

We have extensive experience providing acid washing services, so we'll always be able to guarantee high quality workmanship and thorough pool cleanings. We're dedicated to helping our clients keep their pools in great condition, and we'll make sure that you're completely satisfied with our acid washing pool services.

Cal us today to schedule your acid washing services, and we'll be looking forward to assisting you.

Benefits of Acid Washing

  • Removes stains, algae, and deposits.
  • Extends the life of your pool's interior.
  • Reduces calcium build-up.
  • Decreases chemical usage.

How Acid Washing Works

Acid washing actually removes a thin layer of the pool's plaster or gunite to reveal a totally fresh surface. The acid removes all algae, mineral, chlorine, and even dirt stains from the floor and walls of your pool. Algae and phosphates can become deeply embedded in the material of your pool over time, so they can be nearly impossible to get rid of with any amount of scrubbing and cleaning. Acid washing is the only way to thoroughly eliminate these things, and our Monroe pool experts can guarantee that your pool will be clean, fresh, and clear.

Our Acid Wash Process

  1. We begin by installing an automatic submersible pump and we completely drain all of the water from your pool.
  2. We use a pressure washer to remove hidden contaminants in your the floors and walls of your pool.
  3. We apply our acid cleaning solution to bright and sanitize your pool's walls and floor while safely removing any and all staining.

When Do I Need Acid Washing Services?

Acid washing services should be performed any time unsightly stains start to develop on your pool from algae, minerals, or chemicals. If the water in your Monroe home's pool isn't taken care of and allowed to remain stagnant for a long period of time, algae and water discoloration will likely occur and need to be removed with an acid wash. Essentially, if you have trouble seeing the bottom of your pool, it's time for an acid wash.

Is Acid Washing Safe?

Our Monroe pool experts are extensively trained and experienced, so we'll be able to ensure that your pool is drained and cleaned safely. We apply and remove the acid very carefully and make sure there is no harm to the surface of your pool.

To schedule acid washing in Monroe, GA or nearby for a pool with algae stains, please call 678-497-8412 or complete our online request form.

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