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Swimming Pool Safety Tips & How To Reduce Risks

pool cleaning monroe ga If you love to entertain around your pool in the backyard, you will likely have guests of all ages enjoying the time spent there. There's nothing more relaxing and fun than throwing a pool party for your guests and family. The only thing you'll need to worry about is pool safety, and of course seeing to it that everyone enjoys themselves.

The last thing anyone needs is to have a horrible accident on their property, especially when it's someone we care about. Pool safety is an important issue that is worth some thought and planning. Anyone who has a swimming pool on their property is responsible for the safety and well-being of anyone visiting.

There are things you can plan and do to ensure your swimming pool is as safe as possible. As pool maintenance specialists in Monroe, GA, A Perfect Pool Company would like to share some information with you which should help you keep the pool area safe.

We regularly provide pool classes which include topics such as safety tips, energy upgrades, and easy maintenance techniques. We hope you'll take pool safety to heart so you can remove any potential risks or hazards which are a part of pool ownership.

Pool Safety Fences & Covers

Safety fences and safety covers are important for any pool owner. While not all homeowners choose to install a safety fence around the pool, it is certainly worth considering. You may not have young children at home, but a visiting child or a neighbor child could find their way to your swimming pool.

A safety fence can be constructed to surround your pool with the only entrance through a secure gate. The safety covers can be anchored around your pool. They can hold the weight of children and pets safely. They will also keep debris out of the pool during off seasons.

Invest In Pool Safety Equipment

  • Fences are one type of safety feature that will help to reduce the risk of accidents but there are other products and accessories that will help while people use the pool. Here are some products you'll want to consider that will maximize the safety of your swimming pool.
  • Pool alarms - There are door alarms and pool area entry alarms. There are also child wrist alarms that will sound a warning if the wristband touches the water.
  • Life-saving rings, hooks, & throw ropes - If something did happen, you'll wish you had a life ring or rope to throw for the drowning victim. It can be thrown out or used to assist you in retrieving the person. Drowning individuals panic, so a life-saving ring will provide comfort during the situation as well.
  • Rope floats - These are the ropes which are placed to section off the deep end from the shallow end of the pool. There are floats along the rope and both ends of the rope are attached to the sides of the pool. It's a good feature for every pool owner because it also serves as a place in the center of the pool for weaker swimmers to hang onto.
  • Pool rule signs - There are signs you can place which stipulate general pool rules for homeowners. There are also single signs such as No Running, No Diving, and No Glassware.
  • Depth markers - Simple signs that state the depth of the pool at the marker. They are waterproof stickers which can be placed on tiles.

Keeping Debris & Junk Away From The Pool

Since we are humans that live life and consume products, it's easy to leave something like a glass at the pool after swimming. Then there may be a set of goggles or a pool toy laying around that seems to always be left out. Add to this the normal yard debris such as sticks, acorns, and other organic matter and the pool area can get littered.

This litter may not be all that terrible looking, but it does present a safety hazard. Have you ever stepped wrong on a toy or rock and nearly sprained your ankle? The same thing can happen around your pool. Glass can get broken and toys or tree debris can trip someone up. Safety is always first when owning a pool, so lay down the law that the pool area should stay picked up. Then it will be up to you to see to it that lawn debris gets regularly removed.

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