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Why Is It Important to Clean Your Pool Filter Before Winter?

Why is it Important to Clean Your Pool Filter Before Winter?If you live in a climate that gets cool, then your pool will most likely be closed for the coming winter. To make sure that you have a safe and toxin-free water source to enjoy until next summer, it's essential to thoroughly clean your filter before the changing season. The critical requirement for this task is to make sure that all of the dirt and grit are gone from your filter. This ensures that you won't have to suffer from unmanageable buildup and bacteria in the spring when the pool is once again opened. In addition, a clean pool filter will save you time and money the next time you use it! Read on to find out how to clean your pool's filter before winter.

Step 1- Clean out Filter Baskets

The first step in cleaning your pool filter before winter is to clean out the dirt, leaves, twigs, and other filth accumulated in your skimmer basket. This can be accomplished easily by simply running water through the skimmer to flush it out. If you find yourself needing to clean out any stubborn or stuck-on debris from inside the skimmer, you can use a small brush to do so. It's also important to make sure that everything is dry before moving on to other steps in cleaning your pool filter. This can be done by running a hose between the skimmer and the pool water to help loosen up any remaining debris and then dry out overnight.

Step 2 - Clean out Pump Basket

Your next step in pool maintenance for your filter is to clean out your pump basket. This is primarily done by using a cordless screwdriver with a slot-type blade to run through the holes in the bottom of the pump. You'll take a look at the basket and remove any dirt or grit that may have accumulated there. You can also use this time to clean off any loose pieces of debris from inside the pump basket with a bit of cloth towel or pipe cleaner.

Step 3 - Clean out Pool Filter's Pipes

Your last step in cleaning your pool filter before winter is to clean the pipes attached to the pump basket. You can easily clean these pipes by using a pipe cleaner to run through the entire length of each pipe. This will remove any dirt or grit that may have accumulated there during the spring and summer, and you won't have to waste time doing so when you reopen your pool.

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