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How to Maintain Your Pool and Keep It Clean

pool cleaning monroe gaKeeping your pool clean isn't always easy, but it doesn't have to be an ordeal either. If you've let your pool get too dirty, you may have a real project on your hands, and you may even need the help of a professional pool maintenance company. But if it hasn't gotten there yet, there's still hope for you keeping it clean with these pool cleaning tips!

The secret to a clean, immaculate pool is actually fairly simple: you need to make sure cleaning and maintenance tasks are performed regularly. As soon as you start to slack, the problems will start to get out of hand. Contact the Monroe pool maintenance experts at A Perfect Pool Company to schedule bi-weekly or weekly pool maintenance services and keep your pool in great condition at all times.

Whether you're going to call a professional or not, there are some things you can do on a regular basis to make sure your pool is as clean as possible:

Take Care of Surface Debris and Clean Baskets

One of the fastest and easiest ways to make sure your Monroe pool stays as clean as possible is to regularly get rid of surface debris with a long-handled net. Skimming for bugs, leaves, and anything else floating on the surface every few days can help to increase the efficiency of your filtration system, and it'll lower the amount of chlorine you need to use to clean your pool. For the same reasons, you should clean out the strainer baskets at least once a week.

Check the Water Level

Thanks to evaporation and excessive splashing, you can lose a good amount of water from your pool during the summer season. So when you're removing debris from the surface of the pool, that's a good time to check the water level as well. If you're water level is beneath the skimmer, it could cause significant damage to your pump. But there's an easy enough solution: just grab the garden hose to fill your Monroe home's pool back up.

Super-chlorinate Your Pool

It seems strange, but if your pool has that strong chlorine smell coming from it, the best way to get rid of it is to add more chlorine. Here's why: what you're smelling isn't just the chlorine. Instead, it's what are called “chloramines,” which are created when your Monroe pool's chlorine interacts with organic contaminants like ammonia or nitrogen, which naturally build up in your pool over time.

“Super-chlorinating” is shocking your pool's water with a large amount of chlorine at once, and it can help to get rid of the smell. Some pools will need to be super-chlorinated once a week, and others will be fine for a significantly longer time. Our professionals can help you develop a perfect maintenance schedule for your pool.

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